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Belzona Demonstrates the Longevity of Products in Thirteen Year Repair

Belzona, providing solutions to industry for over 60 years through industrial protective coatings and polymer repair composites, has recently re-visited an application at a Barrage in the North of England which was carried out in 1999 to find it is still in almost perfect condition.

The Barrage was opened in 1995 with a design life of 120 years. However, the client quickly realised that the rubber seals on the moving gates were being damaged by the concrete walls when the barrage gates were raised and lowered.
Trials were conducted for potential solutions in 1997 and only the Belzona application proved itself in practice. In May 1999, when the initial trial had proved 100% successful, the full scale application was able to proceed. Competitive systems had also been trialed but were found to be difficult to successfully apply or to have insufficient performance.
Belzona 4911 (Magma TX Conditioner) was applied to the entirety of the four gates to ensure maximum adhesion of the Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) which was specifically chosen due to the product’s exceptionally smooth surface and it’s ability to protect from the effects of erosion-corrosion.
The 4 gates undergo annual inspections and to date the application is over 13 years old, with no sign of any further breakdown or damage to the rubber seals in any of these areas.

After Application in 1999

Application revisited in 2012

Panoramic view of the application in 2012


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