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Eurobond Adhesives range of 'high performance - low cost' anaerobic 'Engineering Adhesives' have been designed to fulfill all the demands of the modern engineer and industry.

By definition 'anaerobic' adhesives remain liquid and uncured until the material is excluded from oxygen between two substrates, ie between the threads of a nut and bolt or between a bearing and its housing.

Our comprehensive range includes, threadlockers, studlockers, bearing fit compounds, retaining adhesives, liquid gaskets to replace traditional cork or paper gaskets, pipe sealants and hydraulic line sealants.

All of our products are classified as High Performance giving Engineers the quality and reliability they demand at a price that will put a smile on all buyers/purchasing managers faces. Examples of our range includes; 

Nutlock EBA24 is an oil tolerant, medium strength thread locking adhesive which can be used on parts ‘as received’ that may have light oil film deposits on them.

Hydraulic Sealer EBA542 is a tough, high pressure seal used on all types of threaded couplings on low, medium and high pressure lines. EBA542 Hydraulic Sealer is ideally suited to fit valves, threaded couplings, adaptors, quick disconnect parts, compression fittings and vibration proofing joints.
Instant Gasket EBA574 is a ‘form in place’ Gasket material to replace traditional paper, cork gaskets etc. Assembled parts are suitable for immediate ‘low pressure’ (6 bar) service and once cured can resist 350 bar pressure depending on gap size. Ideal for gear boxes, pump flanges, transmission assemblies, cover plates on tanks, cam shaft sealing, bearing gaps, outer housings, crank case and sump assemblies and flange pipe fittings.

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