Vibration Analysts; Worth their Weight in Gold

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vagold200Genuinely good vibration analysts are worth their weight in gold. But how do you create good vibration analysts?

A good vibration analyst provides an early warning of faults, with a clear statement of what's wrong, what must be done, and the urgency of the required action. Good vibration analysts are accurate and confident.

How do you make a "good" vibration analyst? You train them at an Authorized Mobius Institute Training Partner Center.

The difference is in the unique way we train them. In the old days, with "death-by-PowerPoint" presentations, the analysts just had to take the word of the instructor - "I know it is confusing, but take my word for it, this is how it is - and now we need to move to the next topic" is the attitude of too many instructors.  People often came home from the course more confused than they were before. And sadly, this is still the case with the majority of (non-Mobius) courses today.

But Mobius approved instructors are different.

worthweightingoldgraphMobius Institute approved instructors use training materials rich with 3D animations and sophisticated simulations - hundreds of them! The animations and software simulations explain the machinery failure modes, the vibration signals, signal processing, and the instrumentation. They make everything crystal clear.

To achieve the best possible results, without extra charge, students attend online training before the course to get them up to speed - they get so much more out of the live course. During the course, in addition to seeing the animations and simulations, they receive repeated anonymous quizzes and exam standard "worked examples" to ensure that everyone understands what they need to know. No student is left behind!

And that's the real difference. Mobius students understand the machine, the failure modes, the root causes, the vibration patterns and analysis techniques, and the analyzer; they are not just forced to remember.

Since just 2005, we have trained over 24,000 people from 174 countries, in over 20 languages, according to the ISO 18436 standards. The certification is accredited to ISO 17024. There is no higher standard.

So please visit or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn where the next course will held. You may like to Google the Mobius Institute YouTube channel to see some of our training techniques in action.