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ECOBUILD 2018, ExCeL London, 6th – 8th March 2018 Stand no: C164

flir dec 17 1World leading infrared specialist, FLIR Systems, demonstrates its continued high commitment to thermal imaging for building science applications at Ecobuild 2018 with its widest ever choice of cameras and imaging meters. Several new models have been added to its range since the company’s last appearance at Ecobuild and they collectively provide a thermal imaging solution for every application and budget.

 Energy loss, or more importantly energy saving, is of high interest at every level. The property owner, whether it be domestic or commercial, must demonstrate due diligence in reducing costs. As a result, there has never been a greater need for the wide scope of FLIR thermal imaging.  It is a fast and effective troubleshooting and thermal analysis tool that can be applied to a variety of applications.

The technology clearly shows defects such as poor insulation, air leakage, water ingress, damp and moisture, plumbing and drainage blockages, thermal bridging, underfloor heating faults and much more.  And one of its greatest benefits is that it provides visual evidence of the problem that can be shared and understood by others.

The FLIR Systems’ stand at Ecobuild 2018 will have product examples from every range starting with the professional FLIR T-Series and its hallmark tilting head.  These cameras offer superior sensitivity, high resolutions and superb image clarity thanks to FLIR’s patented enhancement technology. UltraMax® effectively quadruples the thermal pixels of an image including full radiometric measurement data. MSX® combines the visual and thermal images to enrich detail.

flir dec 17 3MSX is also a standard feature of the FLIR Exx-Series, FLIR’s pistol-grip thermal cameras whose design won the Red Dot: Best of 2017 Award. They provide detector resolutions up to 320 x 240 and interchangeable lenses that allows the user, for example, to switch to wide angle to capture more of the scene in one shot or telephoto to see and measure distant and smaller targets.

The widening application scope of thermal imaging is not just thanks to firmware development. How the technology is ‘packaged’ is also changing. For example, FLIR Systems now offers fully-featured low end thermal imaging cameras that are pocket-sized, the FLIR C2 and FLIR C3. The compactness is thanks to a newly developed radiometric core which is the size of a mobile phone SIM.

This same micro core has also led to the introduction of a growing range of imaging meters, three new models of which will appear at Ecobuild 2018 for the first time.  These complement existing test and measurement instruments such as the imaging moisture meter which allows the user to scan for problems using thermal imaging, then confirm and quantify moisture levels with pin or pinless measurement.

Also featuring at the show is FLIR’s professional thermal inspection using unmanned aircraft. Under the control of those with the proven skills and credentials, aerial thermography has clear benefits for large building analysis.  Imaging is viewable live and in real time at the ground control station.  Recorded radiometric video and still images are then downloaded for post processing when the aircraft is back on the ground.