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Penloc - Essential Tools for The Maintenance Engineers Toolbox

Penloc Metal BondingPenloc Thread Lockers, Penloc Retaining Compounds and Penloc Structural Adhesives are essential tools in any engineers tool box. Eurobond Adhesives Ltd offer a range of high performance anaerobic and 2-part toughened acrylic  bonding solutions that are specifically designed for the engineering & maintenance sectors.

Penloc ZT Threadlocker is a low strength thread locker that is a yellow acrylate designed to work in temperatures ranging from -55

Penloc 1-1 is a 2-component  toughened acrylic structural adhesive designed to bond most metals, plastics, composites, wood, glass, ceramic and stone in any combination, which makes it an ideal adhesive for repair or mainstream manufacturing/production. It will cure to handling strength in 5 minutes and fully cure in just one hour. It will resist temperatures of -55ºC to 125ºC. Typical tensile shear strength values of 276kg/cm² can be achieved on steel to steel applications. Penloc is available in thicker viscosity and longer cure time grades.

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