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Cartesian Dispensing RobotIntertronics are market leaders in the provision of adhesives and related products to many industries and so were particularly interested in a recent aerospace application. Trials at product partner I&J Fisnar related to a proven method of automatically applying conformal coating to PCB areas surrounding contacts that may be sensitive to possible spray contamination. The trials used an I&J Fisnar Dispensing Robot complete with a brush applicator and suitable valve system.

Intertronics were pleased to note that trials for an in-flight PCB conformal coating application proved that applying the coating material by a robot-controlled precision brush, fed by an I&J Fisnar valve, improved quality, reduced setup time, gave repeatable results and saved $75,000 in systems costs.

 An important requirement in the trials was that no contamination should be present on the 90° contacts that were used for interface to an aircraft wiring harness; this request could not be guaranteed with spray valve systems.  Time spent covering contacts with protective masking cups was eliminated and post assembly dismantling and clean up avoided. Programming and test were simple to execute and the popular model I&J7400C Cartesian Dispensing Robot was selected as the robot of choice – several systems are now installed. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at